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Camp Wordsmith All-Access Pass

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It’s the single most valuable skill for storytelling, content creation, and growing your presence online: writing. Seasoned TV personalities and creators agree.

“Writing is the most important skill you will develop as a journalist,” says Marta Waller, a Los Angeles broadcast reporter of 37 years who covered the O.J. Simpson trial. “If you have an organized brain, and you know your story, you’ll be able to write quickly.”

But having "an organized brain" is easier said than done

And since there are so many categories of writing on the internet, telling yourself to “get better at writing” is a vague command, which only adds to the confusion.

You want specific, easy-to-implement instructions that result in better writing for years to come, whether it be in the form of articles, media pitches, email newsletters, or sales copy.

Camp Wordsmith is a summer camp-inspired online curriculum for professionals and creatives who want to improve their online writing skills in the areas of content writing, copywriting, email writing, and media pitching.

➡️ Unlock instant access to a library of lessons, videos, and downloadable guided resources to accelerate your overall online strategy.

➡️ Win back several hours of time each week by leveraging done-for-you swipe files and taking the right steps in the right order for your online efforts.

🏳️‍🌈 Support an LGBTQ-owned business with your investment. Camp Wordsmith is a certified diversity supplier with the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

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You don't have writer's block. You have vertigo.

Having a map will help.

A map that shows you where you're currently at, what to write next, and how to write it well.

You don't have writer's block. You have vertigo.

Having a map will help.

A map that shows you where you're currently at, what to write next, and how to write it well.

An illustration of a park map labeled "The 4T Framework", with territories marked "content writing", "media writing", "email", and "copywriting".

It’s not your fault — social media culture did this to a lot of us.

Attention spans are wrecked. Algorithms prioritize short, entertaining content that looks and tastes like candy.

People have forgotten how to focus!

As a result, writing an email, article, or longer social media caption can feel impossible at first.

But don't worry — you don't have to be a good writer to be good at this stuff.

You simply have to know how to find the hook 🪝

Well-trained writers know how to focus and find the hook.

➡️ They can organize story details quickly.

➡️ They finish what they start, and hit their deadlines.

➡️ They press the “publish” button more often than not.

Most of us can’t compete with pro writers on output alone. They’re simply too quick, too nimble.

Where we can compete — and win! — is by knowing how to find the hook and articulate what we really want to say. 

To do that, we need a space that is AWAY from all the social media noise, and away from all the shiny objects, so that we can revive our focus.

We need clear, easy-to-consume lessons on topics like content writing, news writing, email newsletter writing, and sales copy.

Camp Wordsmith focuses on these four areas of writing. Together, they comprise a map we like to call The Four Territory (4T) Framework.

An illustration of a park map labeled "The 4T Framework", with territories marked "content writing", "media writing", "email", and "copywriting".

When you do this, your knack for writing will pick up, which will then shape your career and your future.

I know, because that's what has happened for both my clients and myself.

Hi, I'm Nick Wolny

I’m a senior editor at NextAdvisor, a marketing consultant of seven years, a past "40 Under 40" with the Houston Business Journal, and a regular contributor for websites like Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and OUT Magazine.

I am a consultant whose career, business, and personal brand are powered primarily by writing.



I’ve written for (and been featured with) places like:


I have my finger on the pulse of what's shifting these days in online business, entrepreneurship, and consumer trends.

And, since I write clearly and know how to find the hook, I regularly get tapped by media to interpret these changes for regional, national, and global audiences.

Animated GIF-downsized_large (47)

How did I get to this place, with these opportunities? One word: writing.

I am organized about:

  • Why write at all — strategy, objectives, and key results.
  • Where to write — knowing what gets seen on various platforms, and why.
  • Who to write for — audience demographics and what they actually care about.
  • What to write — the best next topics and subjects, based on a writer's goals.
  • When to write — because, when your schedule is as chaotic and inconsistent as mine is, those bro marketer four-hour productivity routines aren't an option.


When I boiled it all down, there were four different writing disciplines that, together, have attributed to nearly all of my success, both for myself and for my clients over the years.

When you study and implement these four disciplines — territories, if you will — you will quite literally write your future.

Let’s go through what the territories are now. ⬇️

The of online writing

Territory #1

Content Writing


Territory #1

Content Writing


What is content writing?

In Camp Wordsmith, content writing refers to publishing articles, blogs, or posts on the internet, with a goal to educate, entertain, and/or inspire readers.

Content is critical for success online. It takes time to find your publishing rhythm, but once you do, you’ll feel more like the captain of the ship and less like a swimmer desperately flailing to keep up.

Why is content writing important now?

Content is a digital footprint. It’s how people discover you online. It may be how you discovered me.

But it’s bigger than that. Writing helps you think. It organizes what you’re trying to say.

People respect great writing. More importantly, they respect the authors themselves.

Our areas of focus:

Keyword Research

Writing starts with an idea. But idea generation can lead to analysis paralysis if you’re not careful.

Or, worse, you publish posts that have no point, and make no progress online as a result.

Keyword research helps you ensure the “why” behind what you write is clear.

We introduce keyword research in our core curriculum at a high level. From there, resources in Prolific Writer Playbook, Your Email Empire, and our Leverage Library will take you deeper into picking relevant topics that get you the results you want.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Millions of users search for answers to their questions online each day. Trying to appear in search results is called SEO, and it hinges heavily on writing.

SEO can help you get eyeballs on your writing for months and years to come. But the strategy has its pros and cons. We introduce an overview of SEO in the core curriculum, then expand on it further both in Prolific Writer Playbook and select supplementary workshops.


Consistency is a big factor for successful web writing. It builds your craft, helps you incrementally improve, and snowballs the momentum.

But for many of us, we don’t have all day to write. We need a system that lets us get in and get out.

A tight workflow is the difference between prolific writers and writing wannabes who never publish.

Territory #2

Media Writing


Territory #2

Media Writing


What is media writing?

Media writing refers to pitches, guest posts, and press in both traditional media publications and niche industry blogs or podcasts.

In media writing, you’re pitching to have yourself or business made visible to someone else’s audience. 

Earned media makes you both more credible and visible. It's how I built my consulting business. The number one skill to break through is writing.

Why is media writing important now?

Media gives you instant credibility and can help you jumpstart authority.

Also, media tends to lead to more media. When you know how to pitch an opportunity quickly, it takes way less effort, leading to more opportunities for placement.

Our areas of focus:


Media want to cover topics that are timely and relevant for their target audience. By connecting your expertise to current events, your knowledge will get far more traction online.

“Timely” means different things to different outlets, though. An industry blog wants completely different information than, say, a broadcast TV network or a print magazine. 

You need to communicate why your expertise is valuable to people today, now, in our current cultural or professional landscape. Swish Swish Pitch, our portal curriculum on media, helps you take out the guesswork.


There’s no point to throwing darts if you have no idea where your target is. 

Targeting is the practice of figuring out what a media outlet wants, who to contact, where and when to contact them, and how to contact them.

Speaking as an editor, you’d be surprised how many irrelevant or general pitches and press releases I receive each week. This “spray and pray” approach rarely works.

By taking the time to properly target, you’ll ensure your media outreach is appreciated by editors, producers, and journalists — even if it’s not a fit. 

Good targeting puts you ahead of 90% of the competition in a decision-maker’s inbox. Our Swish Swish Pitch curriculum and supplementary pitching workshops will show you exactly how to do it.


It’s time to shoot your shot. Knowing how to write a pitch is one of the most powerful skills you’ll learn in your online career.

The Camp Wordsmith curriculum covers every detail of a good media pitch. We also cover the non-writing assets you should include in your pitch — a headshot, bio options, and more — that make you irresistible to editors, producers, and journalists.

Territory #3

Email Writing


Territory #3

Email Writing


What is email writing?

Email writing refers to using email software, known as an Email Service Provider (ESP), to send newsletters in the form of both broadcasts and automations.

Why is email writing important now?

To describe the importance of email, let me bring in one of my favorite analogies: the college house party.

House parties are exciting and noisy. The internet is a house party.

Good for finding new people. But not good for getting to know them well. It’s too loud!

If you wanted to have a conversation with someone at a house party, you couldn’t. You’d have to go out onto the porch, or into the backyard, to really connect with them. You’d need a quiet corner.

An email list is a quiet corner. It helps you connect with readers in a deeper, more intentional way. When done well, email is powerful and lucrative.

Email also doesn’t change. Social media algorithms do change. If you build an audience on a social media platform, and the platform changes how audiences are reached — which has happened many, many times — the rug might be pulled out from beneath you.

You don’t even need to totally know what you want to do with your subscribers yet. If you change what you do later, the people who want to stay will stay, the rest unsubscribe, and it’s fine.

You’re still able to reach your audience directly whenever you like.

Our areas of focus:

Email Systems

It’s important to understand the ins and outs of email software.

This includes obvious features, such as newsletters. But there are other features — automations, records, and site tracking pixels — that can help you serve your subscribers at the highest level.

Email can also quickly turn into an overwhelming mess of jargon. We explain the basics in plain English so that you have a strong foundation and understand how to leverage it.

Email Analytics

What do all of these numbers mean? The good news is that you don’t need to worry about most of them at the outset.

We help you understand the numbers you should be paying attention to, along with how to improve them.

Territory #4



Territory #4



What is copywriting?

On the web, copywriting refers to written or spoken language intended to influence, convince, or persuade.

Great copy inspires readers to take action.

Why is copywriting important now?

Good copywriting lets you bend the internet to your will. It’s pretty powerful stuff, actually.

Whether you want more subscribers, followers, or sales, copy will help you get there. The craft of copywriting is so powerful, in fact, that it will make your business better, too.

That’s because copy forces you to get crystal clear on how your readers think. When you give readers what they want, they continue to stay with you.

The benefits of learning about copy spill over into all the other forms of writing, too.

Our areas of focus:


Read this sentence slowly:

What your readers need may not be what they *think* they need. 

For readers to take action from where they are right now, you need to appeal to both how they think, and what they believe the next step is.

In business, positioning also refers to how you are perceived in relation to your competitors. But most of us don’t need to worry about that too much.

The internet is huge. If you’re able to connect well with the people who are currently in your orbit, you’ll have more readers than you know what to do with.


This product page that you’re on right now has a structure. Certain information flows in a certain order for a specific, strategic reason.

The words you write are certainly important. But the order in which you write them can be the linchpin that pulls it all together.

Camp Wordsmith goes over the most common copywriting containers you need to know to get ahead. Spend less time trying to reinvent the wheel and leverage the techniques copywriters have been using for over a hundred years instead.

Musk? Zuck?! I think they

Musk? Zuck?! I think they

They own and operate these platforms that are really tough to succeed on.

Remember, people successfully marketed and promoted themselves for decades before social media came along. You can do less social media if you really want to.

So I wanted a quiet place to focus — kinda like summer camp, which I went to a few times as a kid, and loved.

But, as an adult, I'm more of a "glamping" kinda guy. So I want a retreat-like space where I can focus, but I also want my own bathroom. And my own tent. An air-conditioned one. With good wifi. Okay, okay — just book me a hotel. 😬

Basically, I created a place on the internet dedicated to developing these skills in a quiet, clear, high-quality environment you can visit whenever you want, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You're invited. ⬇️

Instant Access to Everything we've got

Camp Wordsmith All Access Pass

Unrestricted access to one of the best web writing resource portals in America, with resources for content writing, copywriting, email writing, and how to pitch media.


The Camp Wordsmith All Access Pass

Includes proven, on-demand programming on how to sharpen your writing skills, get your ideas organized, and learn how different publishing strategies on the web can help you get your writing seen.

The program and its resources are built in line with a foundational roadmap called the 4T Framework.

An illustration of a park map labeled "The 4T Framework", with territories marked "content writing", "media writing", "email", and "copywriting".

Three Resources, One Flat Price

No. 1: Lifetime Access to the Camp Wordsmith Portal

($4,997 value)


Unlock total access to a robust curriculum of resources, high-definition video coursework, and a library of scripts and templates to help you maximize your progress.

This isn't another slipshod course slapped up onto Kajabi, Thinkific, or Teachable. We custom-built this portal to give you the luxurious glamping experience you deserve as you master your craft.

We'll be adding more resources in the future, and prices will eventually go up as a result. When you join today, you'll be grandfathered in while still enjoying all the updates.

Portal Curriculum Overview

(Click any accordion line to see content-specific details)

I. Onboarding

New Camper Orientation

New Camper Orientation shows you where everything in the Camp Wordsmith portal is and will help you diagnose where you’re currently at in your online efforts.

Lessons are short and sweet, and you can reference back to orientation anytime you want to get reacquainted.

Here's what the welcome video looks like.

Core Curriculum

Learn the foundations of the Camp Wordsmith® curriculum in this easy-to-consumer overview of the 4T Framework.

Each lesson is a high-level overview of one concept in the framework, and includes recommended links and action steps to help you jumpstart your web writing efforts.

II. Writing

Prolific Writer Playbook

When you can write quickly and well, content creation becomes so much easier.

But many of us aren't natural writers. And we're certainly not writing machines. The "How to write 10,000 words a day" blogs feel demoralizing, not empowering.

Prolific Writer Playbook covers the principles of article writing, using principles from both journalism and SEO. Whether it be blog posts, emails, or social media captions, your writing and storytelling abilities will improve dramatically when you understand structure and standard writing techniques.

Your Email Empire

An email list is one of the most powerful audiences you can build on the internet.

You can connect with readers directly and create automations that leverage your time beautifully. Mountains of research also show that email subscribers are the followers most likely to make purchases.

Your Email Empire is an action-focused 6-module workshop series that starts from zero and gives you everything you need to build an email list as a coach, consultant, or online entrepreneur. 

You don't need a ton of people on your list to have a successful online business – you need the *right* people.

Swish Swish Pitch

Ever see those "as seen in" media logos? They create *instant* credibility and wow your readers from the very first second.

These placements – quotes in publications, podcast interviews, magazines, and TV interviews – used to only be possible by having a publicist or PR agency representing you.

Not anymore! Editors, journalists, and producers want to hear directly from you, the expert. But to get results, you need to send the right pitch to the right person at the right outlet.

In Swish Swish Pitch, you'll learn how to tackle media yourself and you'll save tens of thousands of dollars a year. I'll show you everything you need to know.

Fact-Based Copywriting

Content writing and copywriting are different. The blog writing approaches you use to educate and inform people are different from what's needed to convince readers to take action.

Copywriting can also quickly go south. You try to sell your readers, but really you're just whipping up their emotions or manipulating them. There are better, classier ways to write sales copy.

Fact-Based Copywriting teaches the building blocks of copy, along with the different ways you can use these components to attract more readers, subscribers, and sales.

III. Writing for Money

Your Profitable Offer

When you know how to write well, you can promote your skill set in the form of services, programs, or information products. This skill set can make you money.

Your Profitable Offer takes you through a step-by-step process to develop and test a profitable offer.

By using the Offers Spectrum to refine a new or existing offer, you'll understand how to position your offer to gauge interest and attract new clients.

Pay Me, Please

Let's make some money! Pay Me, Please covers everything you need to know about promoting your offers and accepting payment smoothly.

You'll learn ways to set your clients up for success so they'll be excited to hire and refer you again and again.

IV. Resources

The Leverage Library

The Leverage Library is where you'll find any scripts, swipe files, or tool tutorials to help you bolster your writing game.

Think of this section like a vault of miscellaneous goodies. Hop in whenever you like, download or reference lesson materials, and start making progress again in your online writing efforts.



Our workshops section is where you'll find standalone trainings, live workshop replays, and downloadable workbooks and implementation guides.

Some workshops are a single lesson. Others, like our Pitching Publications 101 Workshop and The Medium Workshop, are split out into multiple lessons for ease of consumption.

Past workshops from guest experts and instructors also live in this part of the portal.

Writing For Accessibility


A badge that says "writing for accessibility"

Web writing is as much about design as it is about content. If the words on the page are inaccessible, or too difficult to read, users will get frustrated and give up.

Writing For Accessibility provides foundational lessons on how to make your content more consumable. We cover both design principles and best practices to keep in mind as you publish on the web.

No. 2: The Dispatch, Camp Wordsmith's Monthly Newsletter


All members of Camp Wordsmith receive announcements and updates in a branded newsletter called The Dispatch.

This newsletter is only sent when we have updates or upcoming programs, in order to spare your inbox. Everything you need to know, and nothing you don't!

As an All Access Pass holder, your issues of The Dispatch will have additional sections and content that only pass members can see.

No. 3: All Your Content in One Place, via an Airtable Swipe File (Coming Q2 2023)


Live group programs are coming back in 2023!

We host live writing classes and programs throughout the year.

All members of Camp Wordsmith live cohorts must have the All Access Pass. Think of the portal as your "textbooks" expense for our continuing education programs.

Unlike textbooks, however, you'll always have the newest, most up-to-date version of the portal.

If you could see yourself signing up for a writing class in the future, the All Access Pass will cover the majority of your total expenses, and you can get it anytime.

Let's get better, together!

Your other options are expensive, time-consuming as hell, or BOTH

We all know how this online learning thing goes.

You start with a $20 ebook here, and then a $47 course there….

Then it’s a group program, a 5-day challenge, a virtual summit…

And before you even realize it, you’re dropping $2,000 for a mediocre storytelling course, $8,000 for a yearlong mastermind that’s barely more than a share circle, or a $7,000 business coach to hold you accountable.

➡️ $1,000's of dollars for someone to help you write slightly-clearer sentences that no one is actually seeing because you don’t have a visibility strategy.

➡️ $1,000's of dollars for a coach to tell you you need to “listen to your heart for your writing voice”, when actually you just need training and structure.

➡️ $1,000's of dollars that could stay in your pocket while still writing quickly and well, helping others, and cementing your online reputation.

For a small fraction of those investments

You could have fastpass-level access to a proven system that is available to you on-demand whenever and wherever you're feeling inspired.

But don't just take it from me!

What Current Clients

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 3.43.22 PM

"My vision would still be in my back pocket if it weren't for this"

"My own personal brand has really taken off, and my business brand is an aspect of that that I'm currently bringing to a broader audience.

The reality is that I would not have been able to do any of these things without having Nick be the person in my corner, and having someone on speed dial to help me be guided. My vision would be still sitting in my back pocket being shared with just a few people, if I wouldn't have had that guidance.

Now, I'm sharing my vision with the world."

Tamika Caston-Miller

Founder of Ashé Yoga


"This material is the bomb."

“Nick’s style matches where I’m at in my business and where I want to go. His voice is low-key, and he focuses on making his offers really good. Honestly – this material is the bomb.

I love that the support in Camp Wordsmith is customized. It’s a testament to what Nick has built that I don’t have questions often and always know what to plug away on next. When I do have questions, I have the support and quick feedback I need to make consistent, meaningful progress.”

Ken Blackman

Sex And Relationship Coach


Accessible terms, easy processes, and ACTION

“Nick’s know-how is unsurpassed when it comes to content creation and all things tech to make it happen in a systematized way.

He’s truly a whiz at sharing his expertise in accessible terms, easy processes, and actions that make the behind-the-scenes business stuff enjoyable again while enhancing your business, too.”

Sarah Nannen

Grief Coach and Author


"Thoughtful and professional"

"In a galaxy of marketing "experts" who are self-proclaimed stars, Nick is the brightest burning object in the sky. He is thoughtful, diligent, capable, and professional.

He exceeds his mandate in all areas. He's strategic, pragmatic, and flawless in his execution; you'd be a fool not to learn from him if given the chance."

Jonathan Greene

The Fractional CMO


Camp Wordsmith All Access Pass

$995, or 4 payments of $325

  • Ten on-demand courses, delivered in a custom-built online portal.
  • Automatic access to all future portal updates.
  • Special pricing on future live workshops, live programs, and events.


You'll also be supporting an LGBTQ-owned business. Camp Wordsmith is a certified diversity supplier with the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. 🏳️‍🌈


P.S. –

Camp Wordsmith is an online portal of writing curriculum and resources for professionals, experts, and creatives.

The Camp Wordsmith All Access Pass is the most cost-effective way to access these resources. Pay once, have access for the life of the product, and be grandfathered into all future updates.

The program is built in line with a diagram called the 4T Framework, which is a roadmap on web writing.

The program costs far less than what you would expect to pay to work with a writing coach, hire a copywriter, or retain a web agency.

Prices are increasing soon. Current members lock in their lifetime access rate.

➡️ You will get better and faster at writing.

➡️ You will have more clarity on why you write, what you write, how to write, and where to publish it online.

➡️ You will be insulated from the noise of social media and endless chatter in forums and online groups.

It's nice here — you should join us.


a place to work on your writing craft

Camp Wordsmith All Access Pass

Unrestricted access to one of the best web writing resource portals in America, with resources for content writing, copywriting, email writing, and how to pitch media.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens after I buy?

After your purchase, access to the Camp Wordsmith portal is instant.

You'll receive an email receipt and a separate login email within minutes if not seconds. In our internal testing, emails arrived in less than 45 seconds.

If you already have a Camp Wordsmith login, your all access pass will be added to that existing login. Be sure to use the same email address you currently use for portal login.

Q: Would Camp Wordsmith be something my marketing coordinator/manager could use?


In addition to writers and professionals themselves, Camp Wordsmith is a good fit for developing team members who are tasked with content writing, copywriting, email marketing, and/or general web writing responsibilities.

The reality is that many professionals who want to improve their visibility online can't hire a staff writer, or consult with a chief marketing officer who has 25 years of experience. You usually get a virtual assistant or a marketing generalist who can do a bunch of different tasks. That's great.

It also means you need to help that person develop and improve their skill set regularly. Content writing is a skill; when you and your team are skilled, you can be more nimble and more effective in your writing efforts.

Q: How much time will Camp Wordsmith take?

The portal is on-demand, so you can spend as much or as little time going through the material as you want.

To really consume and implement what we teach, a good starting estimate is 5-10 hours per month. Our videos are concise, and our focus is getting you in and out with clear action steps as efficiently as possible.

In fact, a big focus of Camp Wordsmith is creating *more* time in your week by focusing on the right objectives for your unique writing goals.

Q: Can I resell the templates or other resources that are in Camp Wordsmith?

No. Camp Wordsmith and its intellectual property are registered with the United States Parent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Your purchase of Camp Wordsmith is for your consumption only, and cannot to be resold.

If you would like to whitelabel the intellectual property in Camp Wordsmith, or provide it to your community, please contact us for licensing rates at hello (at) heftymediagroup (dot) com.

Q: Do I have to watch all of the lessons?

Absolutely not, and we don’t expect you to – though you can if you want. Think of the portal like a buffet; you don't have to consume everything to get what you paid for.

My experience is that there's a little bit of unlearning to do here for all of us. You feel like you have to know every detail and watch every second of every last lesson before you start.

Camp Wordsmith is designed to be an asset, something you can return to whenever you like to get inspired and reinvigorated.

Q: Is there an option for additional 1-on-1 support?

For 1-on-1 consulting with Nick Wolny, please visit our parent company Hefty Media Group.

Camp Wordsmith does hold live group programs throughout the year. The programs are structured like university semesters or quarters, and all of the materials you will need for these classes are included in the All Access pass. The pass is required to participate in live cohort programs.

Q: What is your refund policy?

We subscribe to the Beyoncé refund policy, which is... no refunds.

Due to the intellectual property-driven nature of Camp Wordsmith, all sales are final.

We want to ensure you *actually* want this. If you're someone who tries different approaches here and there without ever committing to anything, that's attributing to your struggle to create momentum online.

You don't have to commit to us, but you do need to commit in order to grow online. Camp Wordsmith is for writers and professionals who are serious about growing online.

Q: I'm not sure I'm ready for this yet.

There's a saying I've always loved: "When you pay, you pay attention."

Camp Wordsmith® is designed to be all levels. Its core curriculum gives you a lay of the land with regard to what forms of web writing you should consider. We cover the different sections of the 4T Framework to give you a high-level overview.

From there, you'll have a better idea of what you should prioritize. You can then go through subsequent on-demand trainings and resources that correspond with your goals.


Q: I can’t afford Camp Wordsmith. What should I do?

Write down 10 ways you could generate the money needed to pay for Camp Wordsmith. Let yourself get unfiltered and creative here.

Then, take action on one or more of those solutions each day. Strive to take action on as many of the solutions as you can.

Then, once you’re in Camp Wordsmith, prioritize the "Writing For Money" coursework first. This includes Your Profitable Offer and Pay Me, Please. This coursework is specifically focused on making money by developing, promoting, selling, and delivering an offer to clients. It will get your revenue moving.

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