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You're busy. I get it – I am too.

But by using this proven system, I publish over 200 articles a year… some for places like Fast Company, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

I’ll teach you how to do the same.

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If you've got something to as a writer, entrepreneur, or subject matter expert...

You want to get your expertise and opinions out into the world for people to see.

So you bare your heart, soul, and sanity to put together an article –

You spend *hours* on it because you want it to be perfect, rearranging half your day to make it happen –

Then you publish to your blog or submit to a fancy media outlet and cross your fingers.

And then… after all that energy and effort.... CRICKETS.


So you throw your hands up in the air and scream "This doesn't %$*&#% work!"

But you see others in your field who are writing the types of articles you could write...

And they're getting praise, attention, and new fans as a result of being published.

Clearly, it’s possible.

You know that writing can be a gateway to growing an audience online…

But for some reason, actually getting your ideas across the finish line as published articles is tough.

Here’s what you may not know:

There's a shift happening with publication editors worldwide... and it's a huge opportunity for those who write quickly and well.

More and more reputable outlets now accept opinion pieces and articles from non-journalists.

But these gatekeepers need a way to weed out wishy-washy writers...

So to vet prospective contributors, these publications now want to see a completed article draft in your very first pitch.

Fast Company, a top business publication with a social media audience of over two million followers, wants you to pitch a completed article:

Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 1.07.04 PM

MindBodyGreen, a top health website that gets over 6 million views each month, wants you to pitch a completed article:

Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 1.07.11 PM

Social Media Examiner, a top website about online marketing whose articles get several thousands of shares, wants you to pitch a completed article:

Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 1.07.23 PM

Tiny Buddha, a top spirituality website with a combined social audience of over 5 million people, wants you to pitch a completed article:

Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 1.07.34 PM

And don't even get me started on Medium! Nearly all of the publications there require a completed draft in your initial submission.

Takeaway: Many editors and outlets want to see a completed article draft from the jump.

If writing is a timesuck for you... you're gonna have a tough time building momentum online.

You need to learn how to write faster.

Everything you do online as a creator, small business owner, or entrepreneur traces back to writing in some way.

  • Articles and blogs – they obviously require writing
  • Email newsletters – your email list is valuable, but only if you write to it on a regular basis
  • Social media captions – Using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter? Yup, more writing. Even a good YouTube strategy needs copy in the description and perhaps a script when you record
  • Pitches – Want to be in media or drum up potential new clients? Get ready to write some more
  • Sales pages and product pages (Like this one) – The words can do the work, but only if you write them

As it turns out, you don't need a 5-hour morning productivity routine or years of experience as a stenographer to write quickly and well.

You just need to overcome the 4 friction points that knock most entrepreneurs and creators out of the ring.

Once you address these 4 common problems, things begin to click into place.

And when you're able to write quickly and well, you have the horsepower you need to make this online shindig work, whether it's just for beer money on the side or to go full-time with working for yourself.

I know, because I've done it.

And if I can do this, so can you.

Hi, I'm Nick Wolny

I’m a business and marketing strategist for online entrepreneurs, a regular contributor for websites like Fast Company, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur, and a recurring TV tech commentator for NBC and FOX with over 60 appearances.

I also have an all-online business that is powered through writing and email.


I’ve written for (and been featured with) places like:


Before all that though, I wasn't even in the business of business.

I was in... music school. 🎶🙋🏻‍♂️

To say I was allergic to technology and marketing is an understanding.

I started from zero. Sub-zero. And not the cool Mortal Kombat kind of subzero.


What music school did give me, however, was an appreciation for how to practice and work through certain sticking points in a process.

And as it turns out, that skill set was handy when it came to developing a regular writing routine.

Fast forward to now and I'm self-employed, running an all-online business that is powered by the written word.

that keep your writing efforts stuck:

Mistake #1

You have no idea what to write next


You block out time to write – often moving mountains at work or at home to make space – and sit down at your computer.

Then, you spend half your session (or more) staring at a blank screen and hemming and hawing on which idea is best instead of taking action.

And then you go down another internet rabbit hole... and it's all over.

Time is precious.

So when you've reached the end of your session and have little to show for it, you feel frustrated and defeated.

➡️ You need a system for rapidly producing ideas, along with a protocol that tells you without fail what idea to write about next.

Mistake #2

Going from idea to draft takes wayyyyyy too long


Some people, on the other hand, are ideas machines. They have no problem dreaming up new article or blog ideas – perhaps you're one of these people.

If this is the case, it's often the transition from idea to workable draft that trips you up.

Unless you have a framework or container that keeps your ideas focused and controlled, your blank white canvas quickly becomes more chaotic than a Jackson Pollock painting.

Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 2.09.22 PM

Chaos is great for visual art, but not so great for essays or building thought leadership.

➡️ You need frameworks and templates to quickly outline and frame your expertise.

Mistake #3

You've set impossible expectations depending on the draft you're in


Perhaps you count the number of words you write each day or week, and use that as your metric for success. If this is the case, you probably hate edits and revisions because that process often drives your word count DOWN.

Or maybe you're on the flip side, and you spend ten minutes thinking up the perfect adjective for a sentence. You're pleased with your phrasing, but also move at a snail’s pace as a result – and never actually get anything published.

Most articles are a three-draft process – and each draft requires a different mindset, because it has different objectives.

Master all three draft mindsets and your new nickname on the street will be Words-A-Lot McWritersmith... or something like that.

➡️ You need to adopt the right mindset and objectives depending on which draft of your article you’re currently in.

Mistake #4

Real Talk: You’re just… really f***ing disorganized


You have docs and snippets floating around everywhere! Half your writing time is spent just trying to find your last draft so you can pick back up where you left off.

You tell yourself it's fine... but if an outside perspective came in and saw the mess you've made, they'd be... alarmed.


If this is you… it’s time for an overhaul.

And if it isn't... let's get a structure in place now so you don't end up wasting time later.

➡️ You need all your ideas and resources to live in one place.

Can I let you in on an industry secret?

You can actually write for publications and international websites all by yourself -- if you know how to write.

And you can definitely be writing more every week than what you're doing currently *without* needing more hours.

The key is to have a system for success - something that works for real people who don’t have unlimited free time to go walks around in a forest to get inspired about their next blog.

(And not a system that includes 50 hours of videos and is impossible to get through. You want to implement step-by-step tactics today, not someday.)

If you are ready to:

  • Have an endless gold mine of winning ideas at your fingertips
  • Unlock the toolkit of resources that will make writing any type of article way easier
  • Pump out drafts faster than Ernest Hemingway after knocking back two Monster energy drinks

Without dropping a small fortune on a writing coach or childcare to free up your time...

I have a solution for ya.


Prolific Writer Playbook

A 7-module mini-course designed to help you write articles (and everything else!) quickly and well


Prolific Writer Playbook

is a mini-course designed to help busy professionals develop thought leadership and authority in the form of written articles.

Here is a breakdown of how each module in Prolific Writer Playbook shakes out:

Module 1: Ideas

Here’s a dirty little secret… you already have more ideas and stories rolling around in your head than you’ll ever need. The key is to harvest these ideas regularly.

After this module alone, I guarantee you will never run out of topics, stories, and trends to write about!

Module 2: Headlines

1% of your article's words account for 80% of all the results. Those words are... your headline!

Nail the structure of headline writing for the internet and watch the pageviews start rolling in.

Module 3: Writing

It’s time to write! Using what I like to call the O.L.D. Method, I’ll show you how to align your mindset and objectives with the current draft you’re on, making output and productivity way, wayyyy easier.

Once you plow through this module, get ready to turn pondered ideas into published pieces in a fraction of the time!

Module 4: Staying Organized

I run this entire shindig off of one spreadsheet - and you’ll be getting a copy of the file for yourself when you join.

Once you have your dashboard set up, you’ll be more organized and spend more of your writing time actually writing!

Module 5: Article Templates

All of the article writing I do is structured around 9 article formats.

In this beefy module, I do a super-deep dive on each template, which types of content the article is good for, and how to use it to quickly take an idea from zero to published article.

BONUS Module: Email Newsletters

Are you promoting your articles via email? Do you want to?

Take your newfound writing musculature and use it to write newsletters that can be delivered directly to your subscribers' doorstep in this introduction to email newsletter writing.

BONUS Module: Social Media Captions

Do people actually read posts and captions on social media? Yes!

There's a whole world of caption writing strategy for Instagram, LinkedIn, and even your Facebook personal profile. Master caption writing and you'll turn social media into an audience-building machine.

You'll also receive:

My personal cheat sheet of over 150 contributed outlet submission pages ($497 value)

Lifehack, HubSpot, MindBodyGreen, oh my!

I've sourced all the direct links to these contributor pages (Only ones with good authority rankings on the web!) so you don't have to. Hello, productivity!

This took me hours and hours to compile - but for you, you’ll just click the “Make a Copy” button and it’ll be all yours.

If you like saving time, buy this course.

Other solutions can run into the $1,000’s...

Hiring out a copywriter to write articles for you can easily run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars.

And a coach isn’t much better… Most coaches who do one-on-one work expect you to commit for multiple months, and their style may not be a good fit for you.

That’d be several thousand dollars flushed down the drain.

But the REALLY expensive option is... to take no action at all.

Don’t let your brilliance sit and fester in your brain for months or years while someone less qualified and less creative than you pumps out mediocre articles and gets all the praise.

The longer you wait, the later you’ll be to the game.

That’s why it’s important to adopt a system that’s easy to integrate into your day-to-day – even if your hybrid work and family schedules get hectic sometimes.

Hear what other people who were once in shoes have to say about it:


Easy to consume and immediately apply

“I picked up Nick's course immediately because although people comment on how my company consistently shows up online and offline - the honest truth is creating that content consistently is actually a struggle for me.

Nick's bite-sized teaching is SO easy to consume and immediately apply...that I personally wrote an entire email and social media sequence effortlessly that's getting 25-40% read rates (This is unheard of). If you get a chance to learn from Nick, DO IT.” 

Jen K.


Strategic, pragmatic, and thoughtful

"In a galaxy of marketing "experts" who are self-proclaimed stars, Nick is the brightest burning object in the sky. He is thoughtful, diligent, capable, and professional.

He exceeds his mandate in all areas. He's strategic, pragmatic, and flawless in his execution; you'd be a fool not to learn from him if given the chance."

Jonathan G.


Accessible terms, easy processes, and ACTION

“Nick’s know-how is unsurpassed when it comes to content creation and all things tech to make it happen in a systematized way.

He’s truly a whiz at sharing his expertise in accessible terms, easy processes, and actions that make the behind-the-scenes business stuff enjoyable again while enhancing your business, too. Prolific Writer Playbook is more of the same – and it's specific to longer, essay-style writing, which is what speaks best to my audience.”

Sarah N.


If you're on the fence...

“If you're on the fence about this course, you're either already a pro or aren't really interested in learning the initial steps to organizing and writing articles.

Nick breaks down the writing process in a really simple way. If you're rusty on writing, Prolific Writer Playbook is an excellent refresher course that will breathe new energy and focus into your writing process."

Khalid C.


A simple shift made all the difference

“Laddering really surprised me. It's such a simple shift on the outline, but it's made a huge difference in the freewriting process and my first drafts. I love how the distinctions between the different drafts speak to both writing objectives and mindset.

This realization alone was worth the price of the course!"

Soraya N.

jackobs-headshot-600 (1)

Freedom and intentional progress

“Prolific Writer Playbook really freed me up and gave me permission to be working on five or six different writing projects all at the same time – and make intentional progress on all of them.

Having a workflow that's easy to follow has helped me write way more this year.” 

Tom J.

Your future self will thank you!

Prolific Writer Playbook

$397 USD

  • Over 60 minutes of action-oriented, HD video tutorials on targeting, writing best practices, and repurposing your published results
  • Idea prompts and outline templates to keep you moving and make your article drafts quicker, tighter, and leaner
  • My personal cheat sheet of over 150 contributed outlet submission pages in a resource file to save you 100's of hours of internet research
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P.S. –

Prolific Writer Playbook is a 7-module HD video course with lifetime access.

Other solutions for improving your article writing game – such as coaches or outsourcing to a copywriter – can easily cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

  • You will never run out of ideas about what to write next.
  • You will know how to format your ideas into articles that people actually want to read.
  • You will write and publish more rapidly by following The O.L.D. Method for rapid iterations.
  • You will be way more organized and spend more of your writing time actually writing.


This is an action-oriented course.

That’s a fancy way of saying it takes less than 60 minutes to complete, freeing up time to implement what you’ve learned rather than sitting in 100-lesson online course purgatory.

Unlock access in seconds flat

Prolific Writer Playbook

  • Over 60 minutes of action-oriented, HD video tutorials on targeting, writing best practices, and repurposing your published results
  • Idea prompts and outline templates to keep you moving and make your article drafts quicker, tighter, and leaner
  • My personal cheat sheet of over 150 contributed outlet submission pages in a resource file to save you 100's of hours of internet research
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Frequently Asked Questions

“I’m totally new to writing. Will this help beginners like me?”

Prolific Writer Playbook starts from zero with an approach that gets you producing ideas literally minutes after purchase.

Some people haven't written an article in years and are rusty. Others are writing every week, but find that it's a huge timesuck.

The course is designed for both groups. When it comes to writing well, the fastest path to mastery is usually to start writing a lot.

"Is Prolific Writer Playbook just for writers?"

Not at all! Prolific Writer Playbook is designed with coaches, consultants, creators, and online entrepreneurs in mind.

This course focuses heavily on structure and process. We provide a little direction on storytelling as well, but in our experience, understanding structure and flow actually gets your stories seeing the light of day *faster* than ornate or complicated storytelling strategies.

"I want to write fiction. Is this program a good fit for me?"

Mmmm, it depends.

I'll start by being upfront: Fiction is not my forte. If you're working on short stories, poems, or a book of fiction, this course could help you with the output part, but not actual fiction-writing style or considerations.

My gut instinct is that there's someone else out there on the internet for you who focuses more specifically on things like screenwriting, character development, or plot twists.

That being said, this course will get you writing more. If having more consistency or flow would help you in your fiction efforts, it might be a helpful resource.

"What happens after I buy?"

After your purchase, access to Prolific Writer Playbook (And anything else you decide to add to your cart) is instant.

You'll receive an email receipt and a separate login email within minutes if not seconds. In our internal testing, emails arrived in less than 45 seconds.

Prolific Writer Playbook is hosted within Camp Wordsmith™, my signature business and writing program for entrepreneurs. Your login is a Camp Wordsmith login that then gives you access to just the programs you've purchased.

"What is your refund policy?"

We subscribe to the Beyoncé refund policy, which is... no refunds.

Stiff, I know! Due to the quick-consumption nature of Prolific Writer Playbook and its intellectual property, all sales are final.

Prolific Writer Playbook has been purchased several hundred times and we've never received a refund request or indication of dissatisfaction.

But we also want to ensure you're actually interested. Prolific Writer Playbook is for people serious about learning how to write quickly and well.

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