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The Medium Workshop

An action-focused workshop + supplementary resources for writers, coaches, creators, and entrepreneurs interested in properly leveraging


For a limited time, pay once and be grandfathered into all future updates of The Medium Workshop.

One small blip in your online approach or strategy can tank your dreams if you’re not careful.

When you start taking the right steps in the right order on Medium, however... you'll see your numbers soar. 🚀


Let me say something to you that no one ever said to me:

It's to grow an audience using written articles.

For years, I thought I had missed my flight when it came to building an audience online via a social media platform.

  • I posted on Facebook® to the sound of crickets – because the days of a Facebook® page actually reaching its followers are long gone
  • I blogged on my site and poured my heart and soul into my writing – but no one ever saw it because tens of thousands of blogs are published every day
  • I did podcasts, guest posts, and even television interviews – and while these were fancy, they didn’t translate to that many new people seeing my work

Social media felt so crowded and saturated. It still does.

But the online business gurus kept up with the same ol' messaging.

"Content is king!" they said.

So here I was, bending over backwards to create the best content I could.

Then I would go look at my Discover tab, and the only posts I saw getting distributed were fitness influencer thirst traps, cheeky memes, and cute dog pics. 🤬

Anyone else?


Growing online just seemed like a pipe dream.

But over the years, I kept seeing news outlets and articles picking up articles from authors on one particular website:

I had heard bits and pieces about Medium, but nothing really special.

I mean, it’s basically like a Livejournal or an online diary... right?


Medium is a "social journalism" platform for writers, creators, and entrepreneurs – and it’s growing like wildfire.

Consider some of the statistics about Medium:

  • Medium has 2x’d readership in the last 24 months – it's now at over 100 million active readers
  • Medium's user-owned publications have thousands (Sometimes even tens or hundreds of 1,000's) of followers and a low barrier of entry
  • Medium presents an opportunity to actually get paid to grow your audience and email list – something unheard of online!


Email subscribers I was paid to collect via the Medium Partner Program
Email subscribers I was paid to collect via the Medium Partner Program

As an entrepreneur who prefers written content, Medium was the missing puzzle piece I had been looking for for years:

  • You can “practice” your writing in real time and get both faster and better by having real data to work with
  • You can repurpose your articles and have content you wrote months or years ago get back in front of people
  • You'll finally be on a platform in which users actually want to read and absorb long-form content


That last bullet is especially important – read that one a second time.

For years, I wondered to myself:

“Where are all the people on the internet who actually like to read stuff?”

As it turns out... they’re on Medium.

And when you use Medium the right way, those readers become your followers and raving fans.

The most valuable words I've ever written on Medium

Looking back, there is one paragraph I’ve written on Medium that has led to thousands of new email subscribers and tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.

And if I hadn’t been paying close attention, I would have missed this precious real estate completely.

Most people miss it, to be honest.

That’s because there are many other bells and whistles on Medium (And on the internet in general) that can easily distract you.

As an easily distracted person myself, I missed the writing on the wall for months.

Once I found the workflow, though... cha-ching! 💰

If I can do this, so can you.

Hi, I'm Nick Wolny

I’m a business and marketing strategist for online entrepreneurs, a regular contributor for websites like Fast Company, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur, and a recurring TV tech commentator for NBC and FOX with over 60 appearances.

I also have an all-online business that is powered through writing and email.


I’ve written for (and been featured with) places like:


But none of that fancy "as seen in" stuff mattered on Medium... and I made SO many mistakes along the way

There are lots of little details on Medium that all add up to give you terrific ROI.

And – despite my good intentions – I was doing none of them, which meant I was wasting my time.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes I made:

Mistake #1

I didn’t know how to use publications


Publications are a secret weapon on Medium — and their current iteration is less than 4 years old.

When you’re just getting started, or want to grow to the next level, the fastest way to get traction is by submitting your work to publications.

Once you've gotten into a publication once – just once! – you become a regular writer and get on the fast track for future submissions.

Look at all the options I have now when I go to publish an article:


Mistake #2

I didn’t know or care about curation tags


When you publish an article on Medium... an actual human who works at Medium reads your article. 🤯

If your article meets certain curation guidelines, and is a quality article, Medium will curate it in one or more topic tags.

Your article will then be circulated to followers of that tag for weeks and months to come.

Once I knew how to correctly use them, my growth skyrocketed and so did my cash takeaway.

Here are two articles I wrote on Medium. The first had no curation – it made 19 cents in nine months.

The second was curated. It made $871.33 in 60 days.

Say it with me: "Curation is my friend."

See the difference on the distribution - and the MONEY? Curation matters, y'all.

Mistake #3

I didn’t know which metrics to care about and which metrics to ignore


Do views matter? Do reads matter? Is 34% a good read ratio? I had no idea.

Medium gives you a stats dashboard, but it was all Greek to me.

Screen Shot 2021-12-26 at 9.16.21 AM

Once I zeroed in on the only metrics that mattered, however, it became so much easier to do more of what worked and less of what didn't.

Mistake #4

I didn’t know how turn the Medium audience into MY audience


I thought I had made it big when I started getting more followers on Medium.

Surely my view counts would go up as my follower count went up, yes?

NOPE. I was wrong – again!

Follower count is a sexy vanity metric, but in my experience it doesn't have a big impact on distribution.

That's why one of your main objectives on Medium should be to bring readers off of the platform and onto your email list (or another platform).

When you do this, it's way easier to get in front of your readers again and again.

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did while getting started on Medium

...mistakes that literally cost me hundreds of hours, thousands of subscribers, and tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.

By making those mistakes, though, I was also able to identify what works and what doesn’t for a small fry like me starting from zero.

If you want to:

  • Get in on an underrated, unsaturated platform where people actually read stuff…
  • Get more eyeballs on your expertise…
  • Turn viewers into subscribers and even sales...


WITHOUT paying an arm and a leg for a writing or business coach whose expertise may or may not even apply...

I have a solution for ya.


The Medium Workshop

An action-focused workshop + supplementary resources for writers, coaches, creators, and entrepreneurs interested in properly leveraging


What is The Medium Workshop?

The Medium Workshop is an on-demand, zero-fluff roadmap designed to help you exponentially increase your views and success on – even if you’re starting from zero.

I know what it’s like to start from zero, because a short time ago... I was at zero.

These are the strategies working now that I use every day on the platform. I'll show you everything I've got!

The Medium Workshop includes:


Complete 90-minute replay of The Medium Workshop
($497 value)

Discover the exact right steps to take in the right order to systematically build your presence on

This workshop replay is captioned and has speed controls: Watch at regular speed or up to 2x speed. Get the info you need to start getting the most out of


The workshop replay covers:



WTF is Medium these days, anyway?

Medium has iterated several times in its nine-year history. Get an accurate, up-to-date overview on what it is, what it isn't, and why this information matters.



Why Medium is so valuable

Few social platforms supply the transparency and feedback you get from writing on Medium. Understand the huge opportunities that are right beneath your feet.



How to get your writing seen on Medium

You have to have views to be successful on Medium – and on the internet in general. I outline the three most strategies for increasing views on Medium and how to prioritize them.



Ethically turning the Medium audience into your audience

Ready to bring valuable Medium readers onto another platform? I show you how to structure a 40-word call-to-action statement that will turn Medium into a traffic driver and help you build an audience of happy readers.



Monetization on and off of Medium

You have the option of using the Medium Partner Program to make money or sell subscribers a product, program, or service outside of Medium. I do both, and I show you what your options are.



Metrics on Medium

Views? Reads? Percentages? GAH. Let me help you decipher what the numbers mean and what tweaks you should make depending on your approach.


You'll also receive:

10 supplementary lessons on strategy, formatting, and shortcuts
($197 value)

The Medium Workshop leans more on strategy and your conceptual framework. To help you implement what you learn, you'll also receive a mini-course of lessons that show you exactly what to do next.

Research. Titles. Images. Formatting. We cover all of it – and you have lifetime access for easy reference.

A downloadable cheat sheet with submission instructions to 20+ Medium publications
($97 value)

How should you submit to a Medium publication? Each one has different instructions. I've compiled all this information for you so you can be 100% set up for success and have a running start in your Medium publishing efforts.

A fraction of what a writing coach or marketing expert would cost

Book coaches and writing coaches often only offer coaching packages that are several months long and run into the thousands.

And marketing experts? Pssshhh. Spending thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on marketing is not abnormal.

Think about that for a moment.

  • $1,000's of dollars for a coach to help you write slightly-clearer sentences that no one is actually seeing because you don’t have a distribution strategy.
  • $1,000's of dollars for a coach to tell you you need to “listen to your heart for your writing voice”, when actually you just need the right steps in the right order.
  • $1,000's of dollars that could be spent buying your time back instead, so you can write more and further glean the benefits of using Medium.

For less than the cost of a single coaching call or consultation that promises 0% guaranteed results…

You have lifetime access to a proven system that is available to you on-demand whenever and wherever you're feeling inspired.

But don't just take it from me...

Hear what other people who were once in shoes have to say about it:


I left feeling so pumped!

"It was incredible! I learned a ton and left feeling so pumped. That was an insane amount of value packed into 90 minutes.

I planned to duck early for another call, and I ended up cancelling it so that I could stay on!"

Danielle Baird

Owner, Danielle Baird Design


Accessible terms, easy processes, and ACTION

“Nick’s know-how is unsurpassed when it comes to content creation and all things tech to make it happen in a systematized way.

He’s truly a whiz at sharing his expertise in accessible terms, easy processes, and actions that make the behind-the-scenes business stuff enjoyable again while enhancing your business, too.”

Sarah Nannen

Grief Coach and Author


The information gave me confidence

“I was interested in learning more about how Medium works, particularly how articles get curated and how to leverage views to build my business and brand. This workshop gave me confidence on how to properly proceed.

If you are interested in the nuts and bolts of what it means to use Medium to build your business, take this workshop."

Michael Weitz

Founder, Virtuozo


The Medium Workshop

  • 90-Minute Live Workshop Replay
  • 10 supplementary lessons with resources to jumpstart your progress
  • Submission instructions and direct links for 20 of the most popular publications on
The Medium Workshop SP graphic 1

P.S. –

The Medium Workshop is a 90-minute workshop + supporting resources available in its entirety upon purchase.

It costs less than the price of a single session with a writing coach or marketing consultant.

Contracts like that, which often require multiple months of commitment at a bare minimum, typically add up to $1,000's of dollars.

  • You will know and be able to capitalize on the huge potential of an untapped platform that has over 100 million readers.
  • You'll know how to increase views of your writing, and how to turn those views into subscribers and, if you want, money.
  • You'll have a strategy that works now, not some strategy someone recorded years ago that has become outdated.


And, perhaps the most exciting detail of all:

  • You will finally – finally! – have strategy, direction and clarity over what to do next on Medium to get results.


The Medium Workshop

  • 90-Minute Live Workshop Replay
  • 10 supplementary lessons with resources to jumpstart your progress
  • Submission instructions and direct links for 20 of the most popular publications on
The Medium Workshop SP graphic 1

Frequently Asked Questions

“I’m totally new to writing. Will this help beginners like me?”

The Medium Workshop's supplementary videos cover how to format every single detail of your first or next Medium article to maximize its chances of overall success.

In the workshop, we teach the formatting you need to be successful on Medium. Having a defined niche helps, but it's not required; most people experiment with different types of articles to find what works best for them.

"I'm an entrepreneur. Is this course just for writers?"

The Medium Workshop is intended for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and creators.

If you are a writer wanting to use the platform to make a quick buck, you'll certainly learn how to do that, but making $11 on an article instead of $7 is not our primary objective.

Our focus is more of a long game. One of the biggest challenges as an online entrepreneur is reaching new people consistently and effectively. Medium helps entrepreneurs who like to write overcome that hurdle.

"I want to write about [TOPIC]. Is Medium a good fit for me?"

The cool thing about Medium is that users are writing about and reading all sorts of different things. Some of my clients write about topics such as grief, sex and relationship therapy, mental health, education, and film, to name a few.

I will say that the biggest topics on Medium are usually related to health, technology, business, and personal development.

Remember: There are 100 million active users a month. Your ideal readers are likely on Medium.

"Can I take old blogs I've written and publish them on Medium?"

Yup! You'll want to ensure you tweak your article's formatting so that it is native to how people read on Medium. Your article should *feel* like a Medium article.

You can also publish on Medium first, then republish to your blog or website if you like.

Medium gives you tools in every article to adjust your canonical links.

"What happens after I buy?"

After your purchase, access to The Medium Workshop (And anything else you decide to add to your cart) is instant.

You'll receive an email receipt and a separate login email within minutes if not seconds. In our internal testing, emails arrived in less than 45 seconds.

The Medium Workshop is hosted within Camp Wordsmith™, my signature business and writing program for entrepreneurs. Your login is a Camp Wordsmith login that then gives you access to just the programs you've purchased.

"What is your refund policy?"

We subscribe to the Beyoncé refund policy, which is... no refunds.

Stiff, I know! Due to the quick-consumption nature of the workshop, all sales are final.

The workshop has been purchased several hundred times and we've never received a refund request or indication of dissatisfaction.

But we also want to ensure you're actually interested. The Medium Workshop is for people serious about learning how to use Medium.

"How much can I expect to make on Medium in my first few months?"

To enroll in the Medium Partner Program, you'll need to have 100 subscribers, per Medium's updates in 2021.

Once enrolled... it honestly varies. That's the beauty of this platform: A user with 120 subscribers could have their second or third article go totally viral. It will depend on the topic.

Some articles will make $1.00. Some will make $10. Some will make $100, and so on. The performance of the individual article itself will determine your earnings.

I'm very confident you can make your investment in The Medium Workshop back in under 90 days.

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